what is space

We have a session with Eve this is a theory based seminar to learn about ‘What is space’. Space can have many interpretations, i believe that space is emptiness that you can manipulate an area to having potential for design. Space is an important aspect of design and architecture based on aesthetics and dimensions.

For our first task, we got put into groups and had to draw a map that we thought would be an ideal town including features such as; shops,flats,park,beach etc. Once we did that we then had the chance to pick a space from outside the university and draw it in the style of a map. The place should show lots of space and interesting angles, defining the difference of positive and negative space.20151005_143500

The following session we finished off drawing the maps and everyone laid them out to have a look and present each others work and what spaces they had chosen from around the city. The image above shows map we drew, we colour coded the map to make it more easy to identify the buildings, it is simple to easy to read.


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