Health and Safety

Our next tutorial in the workshop was on metals and plastics, for the metal work we were shown how to grind and sand down the edges of a strip of steel. this involved looking at two types of metal sanding machines: a sanding belt and a stone sanding wheel. However, when using the wheel you can only use steel metal whereas the belt you can use both ferrous and non ferrous metals. We practised drilling holes into scrap pieces of metal by tapping a dent to mark where you wanted to place the hole before using the drilling machine.

Moving on to plastics, we looked at vacuum forming they took use through the health and safety rules and instructions on how to use the machine. We looked at the different materials you are allowed to use for this machine which included:foam, acrylic and styrene.  We then got the opportunity to select letters and shapes for your own mould to create a tester design. Here I have chosen my initials ‘RLK’ and 97.


The technician also took use through the processing of line bending, a machine that you heat up acrylic plastic and you can bend the plastic to create corners and small models.

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