sketch models

we explored ‘sketch model making’ during our studio time, Rachel set us a task of observing and interpreting models. The first task was to reproduce a model of an image of a chair, then we built it up by exploring modelling buildings and creating models from patterns and shapes that inspire us. Here is an image of my first model of the chair, this was made from using one strip of paper and manipulating it into a curve to create a chair shape figure.


This model was created by observation as we had to copy an image, this piece was created by an architect who was inspired by the flow and shapes running wine created as you poured it.


I have created this interesting model by looking at the patterns printed onto the base of the circles and lines. Looking at this has allowed me to interpret my own style build up my structures as if they were buildings or interior spaces by following the same geometric shapes.


Here is an image of a model building that was been built up and layered up with different sizes of squares and rectangles.


We got given a sheet of patterned paper that was built up of numerous squares, I have used this as my base and floor to create a model based on abstract interior spaces. I have created interesting designs and shapes that would entice people to wander through. I have used a folding method to create the twisted paper effect.


This piece gives a chain effect of the squares lined up, the model was created by looking a building sculpture similar as the shapes were twisted along a chain. I have used paper and fold them into squares and masking taped them together.


Here is the last model picture, for this model we watched a video of a skate park with some skateboarding different routes and looking at the flow and curves in the park. I have created curves and loops to represent the skating pathway and the stunts they do.


I enjoyed the model making as its an easy way to experiment and express you ideas using ‘sketch models’ as they don’t have to be perfect. Some parts of the making was difficult at first as you have to recreate the same as the image but its all about developing my skills as a designer.


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