What is Archive?

This weeks theory topic with Eve is ‘what is archive?’

Definition of archive- a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution or group of people.

It is important as a designer to have ways of recording and documenting our design process and work. A common method is keeping a sketchbook as you can capture you ideas in an individual way. In this case my archive is my blog as all my work from interior design will be documented and record onto here.

The artist Le Corbuiser teaches “first look, and then observe and finally perhaps to discover…and it is then that inspiration might come”

Eva Jirrena- “I don’t sketch to make beautiful drawings, but to resolve ideas.”

This session is teaching us how to document our work in the designing world and producing sketchbooks and journals will help develop and inspire our work as you are inspired by everything around you and to take note you should always carry a small sketchbook for opportunities.

Within an archive we are looking at photographs and writing, hyper links and referencing in Harvard style, using all these methods will communicate my ideas and work.


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