We had a lecture presentation from Oliver Cunningham from dRMM who are a architecture company. Their aim is to produce useful architecture that is an expression and a critique of social and cultural society.

“Every building is a masterpiece made by an architect”

Examples of their work and different projects:

Clapham manor school- London

For this project they were building an extension onto a school, something modern and edgy to stand out in contrast with the old building. they produced a series of glass panels which could be open or closed, filtered sheets of colour could be added inside the glass so it wasn’t transparent giving the school privacy.


Elevation plan of the glass panels


Here is a picture of the school, as you can see from every angle that you look at it creates atmosphere, the blues and greens blend in the surrounding of sky and nature.

Naked house

The idea that “timber is the new concrete”

This design delivers a new understanding of how to live in the future, by producing a ‘flat pack’ house custom to your design from walls to shelves. Its a concept of a portable house, the design would originally fit into a shipping container and you would be able to travel and move taking your home with you. There is suggestion that power stations could be used to plug into the house for your supply of water and electricity or would you carry the power with you, that is something to think about.



Endless staircase

A endless staircase designed for industrial design manufactured out of the hardwood tulip. This sculpture is made up of 14 staircases, the design and composition is strong and has a hard wearing finish.



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