Perfume Shop Project

This weeks task is to produce a sketch model by looking at inspiration for a perfume shop, then using the model to create and develop my ideas further with a sketch visual.

I am interested at looking at the shape of petals and leaves, this will be my inspiration for the shape and structures within my design.


Schedule of accommodation

In my retail space they is going to be;



-display and feature of large perfume bottle

-seating area

-select your own flower fragrance bar

Sketch Model

Here I have produced a sketch model out of card, focusing on the shapes of flower petals and leaves to create my structure, this creates the base of my interior as I will be creating a sketch visual by drawing the space over an image of the model.


Sketch Visual 

Using the model as a base for my interior space I have printed a copy of this in black and white and drew over creating detail and adding functional spaces within the perfume shop design.



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