What is Colour?

Colour is an important aspect in interior design, it can influence a space and how you use it as it sets the atmosphere. Colours are split into  categories warm (red,orange,yellow), cool (blue,green,purple) tones and neutral (brown,grey). Another word for colour is a “Hue” this is a more professional  terminology. Here are a few more examples below.

Chroma- How pure a hue is in relation to grey

Saturation- The degree of purity of a hue

Intensity- The brightness or darkness of a hue

Luminance/Value- A measure of the amount of light reflected from a hue

Total Value- How black or white a colour is

A colour wheel is a theory until proven otherwise all the colours and shades that can be produced. To make up a colour wheel is Primary, Secondary,Tertiary, Complementary and Analogous.


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