The Festival of Britain

“The Festival of Britain was a national exhibition held throughout the United Kingdom in the summer of 1951. It was organised by the government to give the British a feeling of recovery in the aftermath of war and to promote the British contribution to science, technology, industrial design, architecture and the arts.”

The aftermath of the war had left great effects and impact on not only Britain but the other countries who served in the war. Overall, the total amount deaths were 60-85 million that’s a staggering 2.5% of the world population.

Post world war II, Britain were left in a shabby state so the welfare state and labour government stepped in to create the NHS (National Health Service Act 1946)  this act guaranteed equal health care for all of Britain.

Moving on the festival of Britain in 1951 the celebrate of exhibitions was to emphasise ‘Britain can make it’ produced by the council of industrial design; their aim was larger, prestigious and to boost morale and show off what we could do as a nation.

A poster was produced to advertised the festival taking place in London by Abram Games.


The exhibitions triggered the modern developments soon to hit Britain as designers started the ‘New atomic space age’ a scientific optimism, an example of this is the famous ‘Dome of Discovery’ this building was designed by the architect Ralph Tubbs, the building now is present to the Jubilee Gardens.

The Dome under construction




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