Experimenting with Acrylic

Over the next few weeks, I will be in the workshop with Daz learning and experimenting with a range of materials and different processes. The first session was all about plastics, more specifically Acrylic plastic. We got split into small groups and will be staying in the them for the following sessions I am working with Alice and Teresia. The aim of all these sessions is to eventually create a architectural model out of a range of materials, by exploring different methods and thinking outside the box.

Daz spoke to use about his work and specialists areas and knowledge of the workshop to begin with, then we got to select two colours of acrylic to be cut into 3 pieces using the band saw. These were then sanded on the sander to make sure the line was straight and using a file and wet and dry sand paper to smoothen and get rid of any excess plastic or ridges.


Then with the cut pieces of acrylic we placed them on the line bender, and waited for them to heat up and explore with different curves and corners. The aim of the session was to explore all the possibilities and get create with design as these funky shapes with come together to form a architectural model.



Here are some pictures of the final assemble of the acrylic, I have bent them in different directions and curves some of the edges.



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