Shaping Metal

Back in the workshop, but this time we have moved on to exploring making with metals. The task was to create forms out of sheets of aluminium, the first process was to draw a line on the metal using a engineers pencil as this marks the object and will not rub off like pen so you can accurately see where you need to cut or bend. With the line drawn the aluminium is then placed under the guillotine, the two pieces are then taken over to the brake machine to add the bends and creases.



You can see here below the diagonal lines marked onto the metal this is an example of using the engineers pencil.


With a separate piece of aluminium we got some masking tape and place it over the metal is the design which we want to stand out the most. This was then taken over the sand blast machine, this machine shots out miniature grains of sand which at high power buff away layer of the aluminium leaving it to go a duller grey.





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