Fashion & Architecture

This week we had  guest speaker Meline Goode, architect discussing about fashion and architecture and how they are very influential on each other.

The Genius Loci in Roman mythology means the ‘protective spirit of a place’ The concept of genius loci falls within the philosophical branch of ‘architectural phenomenology.’ Fashion links into the idea of protection from the elements as clothes cover us and help against exposure to ‘earth,water,air and fire’ in a modern day concept.

Zeitgeist describes a moment in time, this is an important aspect within both fashion and design as its showcasing the in style of the season from different patterns to materials. In the fashion industry throughout the year there is two catwalk held as fashion develops and changes so fast there can not be one style set annually. In architecture and design the style is set for the year and this years big must is the luxurious marble flooring, as the patterns in the stone are exquisite.

Everything you design as architects/interior designers filters down to the very basic of design from thinking about the space, environment,function, to target markets of runway to everyday people. Architecture can generate a Genius Loci and can be a response to the Zeitgeist.

‘Fashion is temporary but cyclical’

Alexander McQueen is a British designer who challenges convention and experiments with the role of fashion. One of his features was a collaboration to create a ‘cabinet of curiosities’.


Thomas Heatherwick, maverick designer produced an interesting display in a store by the following concept of ribbons and movement to create a abstract staircase. The shape and design add aesthetic and style as well as being fully functional.



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