Putting the pieces together

Following the previous workshop sessions, it is now coming all together in our groups as we start to assemble the architectural model. In our group we have split the design composition into three as we are all creating one composition using the acrylic,metal,wood and HIPS. These will then be brought together using wood fittings, epoxy resin and screws etc.



Fixing the aluminium together by drilling and using rivets

Here I have added the acrylic shape onto the metal sheets following the same process of using rivets and a rivet gun, I selected this method because its a fast and long lasting as it creates a secure without the need for a screwdriver.



Cut out the circle and sanding down the edges

This is a view of how the composition is looking of my model, I started to added the circular shape and with fix this in the next session, there is only two more workshop session before this model will be fully complete.


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