Charles & Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames were post war american designers whom are famously known for their outbreaks in success in architecture, furniture and industrial design.

Charles worked for engineers and this triggered a life long interest in mechanics and the complexity of how things work and problem solving. Ray was fascinated with the abstract qualities of everyday objects and manipulating them to create art, this couple combined their knowledge and skills to design their own range of furniture, magazine covers,sculptures and art.

In 1940 they entered a furnishing competition with a design for a plywood chair, this design won the competition and was then set to be massed produced. This was the first curved plywood chair to be designed in the 20th century and designers to this day still take inspiration by producing furniture in the style of Charles and Ray Eames.




Charles Eames said “Beyond the age of information is the age of choices”. When approaching design is it all about the process not the style as designers must consider problem solving and how the client will react. Success will only be achieved by identifying the overlapping needs of clients,society and the designer.










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