What is Good Design?

What is good design?

In groups we created a mind map of our thoughts of what is a good design, after reading through section from the book ‘what is good design?’



We went to visit the train station to see how the exterior and interior spaces fit in function and aesthetics of design. The exterior shows the brick work mixed with the large glass windows, this shows the contemporary style mixed with the historic. The building stands out as its unique, the style and height of the building makes its visual and highly recognisable. However, there isn’t enough space for taxis and cars and there is no clear main entrance as there is numerous doors that enter the train station.


The entrance points give a first good impression of Sheffield as you have the water features and how they reflect onto the glass panels gives an aesthetically pleasing effect.


The interior is built up of bold metal swirl beams these add an outstanding atmosphere when you walk in as they are nice and have antique look.






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