ARCHItecture …… teleGRAM

Archigram are famous for starting a debate on urban living and a new way of thinking.

Peter Cook an British architect was a pivotal figure within global architecture and founder of ‘Archigram. The early 60’s showcased Archigrams 1st exhibition ‘Living City’ in London 1963. It was thought as the young peoples decade and a new world as this was an optimistic time as they thought everything was going to change.

living city

They produced plans for ‘The Plug in City’ challenging standards of architectural discourse today. The plug in was designed as a central infrastructure with residential units and every component being disposable and replaceable.


They wanted to produce products that have a ‘throw away aesthetic’, throw away design items and replace them with new ones and change them instead of a lasting product. It is the idea of nothing lasts forever, an example of a throw away item is the Biro pen.

The walking city was a new approach to urbanism reversing traditional concepts by transportation of a city. The style was very futuristic and sci- fi looking as the project reflected the ‘Space Age’.

walking city



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