Brutalism was a movement in architecture which was most popular during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The concept involved using exposed concrete and big chunky timbers that ruthlessly collide. Brutalism appeared to reject the important principle of modernism.

Le Corbusier pioneered this movement being the most influential in the sphere of urban planning, one of his projects for residential housing design ‘Unite D’habitation’ demonstrates the harshness of ‘béton brut’ which means raw concrete with wooden panels for texture.


Dystopia is the creation of  a degraded society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion. Many dystopian fiction of literature and film are depicted on brutalist buildings as they give a cold and frightening atmosphere by the harsh concrete.

Reyner Banham produces critic articles on architectural movements, he wrote ‘The new Brutalism’ which attempts to codify the emerging movement of brutalism looking at many designers and architects like Le Corbusier.




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