Simon Chadwick- Drawing for discovery

Simon Chadwick is a lecturer for Architecture at the University of Sheffield, he came to present a presentation on mapping and drawing as they are key features with in design to discovery.

‘Keep discovering the world around you’

A famous analytical map is the Nolli Plan, Giambattista Nolli was a Italian architect and surveyor whom was best known for his ichnographic plan of Rome in 1748. The map was so successful that it was used in government planning for the city until the 1970’s. The centre of the Nolli plan shows the Pantheon as a civic space.


Mapping is all about power and the idea and concept of if you can draw it you can own it and invade it. The maps showed the ‘Age of Discovery’  in the 15th century to the 18th century, leading to extensive overseas exploration which emerged as a powerful factor in European culture as explores set off into find new land such as British explorer James Cook. It was the period in which global exploration started and countries started to colonise and produce empires.

Maps are evocative of space as they signify imagery as you are getting a visual source, a map was a easy way to follow in the Medieval times as soldiers may not be able to read or write so the pictures and visuals help them to understand the spaces around them.




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