The 70’s

“Where did it all go wrong?”

Design in the 70’s began to change as consumerism goes ‘Mad’, designers became more absorbed by throw-away items and designing for ‘want’ and not need. Everything became overblown and tacky.

The design for Need exhibition was held at the Royal Academy in 1976. This event showcased hand crafted and one off designs for the wealthy acting as ‘object art’.

Advertising became a popular theme to explore on how to get people to buy things they don’t need, the methods are all based on the psychology and how your mind is drawn into bright colours,catchy theme tunes and slogans.

Design for the real world – Victor Papanek

design for the real world

The idea for own designs for your own country, many designers started to produce products for a need/purpose the would help you in everyday life, examples below:

  • The Neater Eater

neater eater

  • Wheelchair Gym


wheelchair gym


As a rebellion the strike ‘Buy Nothing Day’ which was an attack against consumerism compared to you spending money everyday. This event is the total opposite to today’s ‘black Friday’ which promotes more buying.

Over-blown fashion

  • platform shoes
  • punk and youth rebellious fashion
  • leather jackets




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