London Trip!

We had a trip to London in March from the 8th to the 10th, this trip was to start our design inspiration from the module ID PEOPLE. This module is focused on co-working spaces and the use of shipping containers.

On the Tuesday we visited the ROCA bathroom showroom, the concept for the London Gallery begins with water in its many forms. Zaha Hadid Architects incorporate Roca’s established history and culture of innovation into the experience of the space. There is circular forms and fixtures hanging along the ceiling with a chrome coating. The shapes are designed to fit around the gallery flowing and leading the way around.




On Wednesday I visited the Boxpark Shopping Centre, The Box Park is a unique individual shopping centre  constructed out of 61 shipping containers in  London. The layout is set out of containers directly placed on top of each other this is ideal for the retail  purpose as each container is hired out as a shop. The idea of a container complex is that it is changeable and you can move around and add on as they are portable. Thousands of shipping containers are used every day and will the vast amount of them this alternative  use gives a modern edge and more efficient than normal construction as the container is your template, this is why they are becoming so popular.




The Sky Garden is the famous enlarged glass dome of 20 Fenchurch Street, the building is 3 storeys high and has exquisite landscapes of the city and the garden features inside.





Container City re use shipping containers linked together to provide high strength, prefabricated steel modules that can be combined to create a wide variety of building shapes and can be adapted to suit most planning or end user needs. The layout of the apartments vary as the containers are interlocked and stacked at different angles.There is a range of occupied spaces in the ‘Container City’ as it is not only residential flats. The city space consists of flats, offices, an art college studio spaces, primary school, studios, storage, boat house and cafe.





During the day we had the freedom to explore the aspects of London, to really experience the city i visited London city hall and walked through London bridge and into the city centre. Many places involving travelling by the underground, there was lots of walking in this trip.





The Tate Modern Art Gallery,  the turbine hall has played host to some of the world’s most striking and memorable works of contemporary art.



I also went to visit Buckingham Palace, to get there i took the underground and from there it was a 5 minute walk to the gates of Buckingham Palace. Around that area was the London Hard Rock Cafe.





On the last day of the visit, Thursday, we went to the Retail Design Expo which was held in the Olympia. The Retail Design Expo brings over 220 exhibitors from all branches of retail design, marketing and visual merchandising.








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