Prepping for the Exhibition

Today has been a busy day in the studios and workshop to get ready for the showcase exhibition ‘Co Lab interplay’ at the Sheffield Institute of Art 18th-27th May.

As the building is a grade 2 listed heritage building we were unable to hang things from the ceiling therefore the solution was to create a frame built out of steel scaffolding.


Constructing scaffolding


Creating a darker atmosphere for the lights with black fabric.



‘What does Enterprise mean to you?’ sign

We have attached wire to the top of the tubes and then wrapped them around the frame provided.




Starting to hang the pipes


The acrylic tubes on the floor are in sync with the ones hanging up, we have created wooden stepping stones and plaques to stick the tubes on. Inside the tubes with be floor lights and people will interact by answering questions and feedback. Making the tubes fill up with coloured paper.


Gluing the tubes to the base


Floor layout representing educational system


Floor push lights

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