Opening Night!

Yesterdays opening night was a huge success, lots of people came to look at the showcased work. This private viewing was for the tutors, experts, students and their friends.We found that everyone have something different to offer as no design was similar, there was a good atmosphere to celebrate the completed module.



Our experts Cheryl Plant and Mike Garnock-Jones from Sheffield city council, seemed to be impressed with our idea and the final outcome. Thy were glad to hear we enjoyed working on the project and we had learnt more on the topic of enterprise. The questions that we had created and the feedback cards linked into the brief as it is a interactive installation of finding out about what enterprise means to you within Sheffield. Our experts liked the look of the tubes as it is a conceptual representation of the Sheffield enterprise pipeline as they carry key words and skills that you learn at each educational stage, after the exhibition is over they want to keep the tubes to display in the offices at the city council and use them for display and events.



Question and Feedback cards inside the tubes



Overall, the night was a success and everyone enjoyed looking at the work, when the exhibition is over we with my collecting the cards from the tubes to see peoples answers and feedback to inform back.


Group Picture


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