Skype Session

Last weeks lecture was a bit different to normally as we had a skype session from Katrin Terstegen in Los Angles. Katrin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at California State Polytechnic University.

Loose fit

  • good architecture
  • care beauty
  • space and structure

Buildings can be objects or merged to its surroundings, when a building touches the ground or the sky.

How does a building aim a corner, window and clear lines

Exeter Library

  • clear corners
  • composed of planes

Apertures play an important part within a building

Modernism- continuum between the interior and exterior

Architecture 2 responsibilities

  • exterior
  • inhabitant and interior
  • mute and white  exterior


MYKITA Eyeglass store


MYKITA wall- a raw space


  • white interior
  • materials can be used to reflect the history of a building





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