Walls, Geometry & Ideas

This lecture was with Architect Russell Light, talking to us about walls, geometry and ideas.

Architecture is more about ideas than materials

  • general European experience
  • mathematical, abstract, four square
  • more free space- freedom to design
  • historical ideas- post modernism

Colin Rowe- the mathematics of the ideal villa

Corbusier buildings and designs

  • concrete structures
  • post modernism
  • brutalism



Villa Savoye


Casa Poli

“We would describe our method as a schematic manner that is, sooner or later, exceeded by its own realisation. It is primarily based on rational and abstract models of space, but it is also informed by the corporeal experience of space, by evocative thoughts and immediate sensations.” – Pezo von Ellrichshausen




Casa Poli is on the coast of Chilli, built by local fisherman with extruded concrete and timber panelling. There is a contrast between the white interior and the rough textures of the exterior, with the violent and roughness of the pacific coast line it needed to be a strong structure.

  • thick walls contain stairs, service spaces, storage.
  • inner lining made from timber shuttering
  • progression of interlocking levels with varying ceiling heights throughout the house
  • privacy and open windows overlooking into rooms
  • sequences are a key theme, how you move around and view the rooms
  • Hay artista programme

This social programme ‘Hay arista’ is where chillian artists can apply to live there for few months when the owners are not occupying it. This gives them the chance to have living spaces, artist workshops and use the house as an exhibition space.


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