This lecture was by URBED taking about urban landscaping and development to help give an understanding for the current collaborative project. Here are key words based on urban development.

How cities work/ live in

  • urban principles
  • population
  • town & country – suburbs
  • garden city – people believed to be happier around nature

urban building blocks

the importance of streets

  • framework
  • navigation
  • layout
  • density

small public spaces

urban hierarchies

  • quarters
  • high streets

urban blocks – activities facing on to the street

urban grain

  • fabric of a city
  • how big the blocks are
  • character

quality space

  • building line
  • enclosure
  • scale/ proportion
  • active frontage
  • junctions between buildings & streets


identity- how to make it of Sheffield

  • positive sensory experience

critical mass

mix of use- night time economy

micro climate- environmental conditions of the space


seating location

URBED’s project example – master planning  to develop West bar, Sheffield



West Bar Plan





West Bar Courtyard View








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