Design Concept

Our concept for the redevelopment of Fitzalan square, Sheffield is to create a more tranquil and safe environment by adding more greenery and vegetation and adding bits of Sheffield’s culture. The city is vastly populated by students therefore they would be our main target audience as the site is a link to and from university. With the institute of arts building opposite it was clear to make a link and represent modern art work of the students around the square, as Sheffield has lots of art and graffiti we want to encourage graffiti art and sculptures.

We have changed the layout and shape of the plan creating more space for seating and garden areas. There is water feature fountain with surrounded seating, it is important to have the increase in seating available, as this will encourage more people to use the space throughout the day. There will be lighting at night to bright up the area and the restaurants and bars. The current shops will be changed as at the moment the betting shops are attracting the wrong crowd. The walls of the square will be tall to create an enclosure to loose yourself within nature. The artwork will be displayed on the outside of this and also glass pods to display and install the student/ Sheffield community’s work.


1:200 plan

EDINA MasterMap Map


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